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Episode #13 - St. Aubin St. Curse

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

St. Aubin St Curse

When we first talked about recording cases again, I knew what case I needed to do. And emphasis on needed because if I would have done another case then thought of this, it would have haunted me for the rest of my life. Our first case was the St. Aubin St. Massacre. The first massacre that occurred on that street and not the last. At the end of that podcast, I mentioned that there were more cases on that street that made people think the entire street was cursed. So, today for our first episode back, we're diving into the so-called "St. Aubin St. curse".

Let's start this story right by touching base on the 1929 St. Aubin Massacre from episode one. Back in 1929 Benny Evangelist and his family were brutally murdered in their home one night. The suspect pool for this crime was so deep because Benny was a supposed Physic healer, who's lifelong dream was to form a cult. Meaning he definitely made some enemies alone the way in his line of work. He claimed that God gave him visions, which came to him from 12 am - 3 am every night. He even went as far as to write a book about what he saw from the visions. What made this case so frustrating was the fact that the crime scene was ruined by the public in the very beginning. With a start like that, it's only to be expected to be a crazy case, this case got so much attention nationwide because of how gruesome it was, it was hard not to open a paper in 1929 and see the Evangelist family faces in the paper. With every lead becoming a dead end and suspects dying, this case was never solved and we were left to try to piece the pieces together and create our own theory of what happened. If you want to hear more on this case, we'll leave the information below so you can check it out.

The next massacre that shook St Aubin residents took place April 4th, 1990. Now this case in particular is like falling down a rabbit hole. Doing research, I was able to get an idea of what happened in this house but just when I thought I was done, the story flipped completely and I lost it. So listen close, because this is about to be a hot mess.

This version of the story was taken from the majority of the people that were involved and survived. And besides the alleged ringleader of the crime, everyone's story fits together. The story starts around 3pm, with 20 year old Janet (which is an alias name due to threats to her life) and her boyfriend 32 year old boyfriend Steven Owens went to hang out with some friends and enjoy their day. After hanging, they wanted to go skating, but first, Steven wanted to stop back at the house first to shave and get himself together. So they head back to 17850 St. Aubin.

Somewhere else in Detroit, A 19 year old named Mark Caison, who we'll call Caison was on his way to pick up his friend of two months, 18 year old Tamara Marshall, from the 9 mile and Lahser area in his mom's black Taurus. After picking Tamara up, they go pick up 20 year old Mark Bells and Jamal Biggs and head back to Tamara house. They're all chilling and doing what friends do and the conversation turns into getting money. Tamara says she knows where they can hit a lick (robbery) and they're all in. She tells them about her ex boyfriend Steven and his spot and how they can be in and out. So Tamara and Caison got into the black Taurus and Mark and Jamal got into a white Coupe and headed over to Steven's place.

When they get there, they park on the corner of McNichol and Tamara gets out of the car. As she is walking up to the house, Janet and Steven are walking up the walkway and Steven stops to talk to her while Janet goes inside the house. After a few minutes, the conversation leads into the house for 10 more minutes and Tamara leaves. Janet is now upstairs finding something to watch on tv when she hears Tamara enter the house and yell Steven's name. It took three calls before Steven went downstairs to see what was going on.

Tamara joins Janet upstairs and Janet thinks it's a joke that Tamara is now robbing her. Until Tamara yells at her, "You must think you're really bad. You don't think I'll really shoot you." When Janet heard those words, she knew that this wasn't a joke and her life is now really in danger. At gunpoint, Tamara searches through her purse, then leads Janet down the stairway which leads to the dining room. In the dining room she sees Steven and two others who were already in the house, 16 year old Bobby Lee Frasier and 21 year old Carl D Williams, sitting along the wall at gunpoint, with Mark and Jamal yelling at them. Janet recalls Tamara showing compassion but also being heartless at the same time. For example, Tamara took Janet's rings and necklace but let her keep the earrings...the same earrings she later wears to the trial. But also, when they were done robbing the house, Tamara told the guys, "Go ahead and kill her. I don't know her." So she was really wishy-washy towards Janet.

So this might have been a successful robbery, but the fact that Steven was a pretty known dealer. So even while the robbery was taking place, people were still knocking at the door trying to make sales. The guys were able to get rid of one group of people that came to the door. But the second group caught a glimpse of Steven and the others tied up against the wall and started running away. They had to do something, so Jamal and Mark rounded up the runners and brought them inside. Once inside, they lead the hostages upstairs and divide them into 3 rooms.

As this is going on, two teens, 18 year old Levon Robinson and his friend whose name isn't disclosed, head to Steven's house to hang out. Something they did when they didn't have anything to do. They'd normally play the game and vibe with whoever happened to show up. They make their way to the back door and an unknown lady joins them as they knock on the door. There was no answer, so they went to the front of the house. They see the door open and from the outside looking in, you can tell that something happened. Jamal was walking back up to the house to make sure they caught all the people that ran off and joined the new group on the porch. They ask what happened and Jamal says the place was stuck up as he follows them inside the house.

Mark comes down from the stairs and orders everyone to close their eyes. Levon pleaded that they didn't see anything and pleaded for his life. Mark and Jamal then put both of their guns to the boys heads and take them to the basement. This part was a little blank for me but, while downstairs, I believe it was Mark who killed Levon by the basement stairs and while his back was turned, the other teen made his escape. He ran onto the porch where Jamal tried to stop him. The teen slammed against Jamal and took off running down the street. Somehow the unknown female was also able to escape as well.

While Mark was upstairs, he just so happened to ask Janet how old she was. One thing to know about Janet, was that although she was 20 years old, she had a baby face and could pass for younger. She told Mark she was 14 years old. Mark got mad that Steven would mess with someone so young and started to kick his body. He then comes back and tells Janet he is going to spare her life because she's so young, but in return she couldn't run her mouth on him because he was on probation already. Tamara yells out to hurry up and that she never gets caught doing this stuff and isn't going to start getting caught now. The house then filled with gunshots as they went room to room shooting everyone in the head... besides Janet. When all was said and done and when Janet knew the coast was clear for sure, she climbed onto the roof and yelled, "They shot them all." Mark and Jamal claim that this was just a robbery that went wrong.

Tamara on the other hand had a different story to tell when asked years later on what happened. She said that she was going to make a sale at Steven's house. Mark was dating Janet at the time and was also pregnant by him. She had wanted $300 for an abortion but he didn't give her the money, so she was turning tricks to make up the money at Steven's house. When they got to the house, Mark told Tamara to tell Janet to come outside but she refused. When Tamara got to the door, Steven told Tamara to wait until he finished up with two customers. So she went to the car and waited but when she went back to the house Mark followed her inside the house and he and Janet began to argue. Which then caused an argument between Mark and Steven. Tamara only wanted the drugs so she took 2 kilos off the table and got back into the car with Caison and left. She also said she told Jamal and Janet to leave but Jamal told her that Mark told him to stay and Janet refused. Tamara says she told Janet to hide and drove off with Caison.

She claims that the cops threatened Janet while she was being interrogated and that's where the other story comes from. Tamara states that she clearly made the story up because Janet was a drug addict and had nothing of value that she would want. She said when she was interrogated, the police beat her while she was in custody and refused her a lawyer. They pushed a pen in her hand and when she wouldn't write the confession out they slammed her head into the table. They threatened her by saying one of the guys already flipped on her and she was going down for it all.

She also insisted that Mark Caison had nothing to do with it at all, he just drove her to the house to make a sale. She feels bad about him getting caught in the middle of this all and that he was also assaulted while in prison. She says that Janet was in on the robbery with Mark that's why she was left alive and that she also lied about being pregnant. Jamal supposedly wrote to Tamara while in jail and told her that evidence had been planted at the scene and that in court, they were told three guns were used when in reality only one was used. She had her lawyer retest the ballistics and it came back that only one gun was used in the massacre but she was still denied a retrial.

With both stories, completely different from the other, the outcome remained the same with both versions. People's lives were taken and people were sent away to do time for these murders. Tamara was charged with felony murder & using firearm during commission of felony. Mark Bells was Charged with felony murder & using firearm during commission of felony. Jamal Biggs was charged with felony murder & using firearm during commission of felony. Finally Mark Caison was charged with Felony Murder.

The next case we're going to talk about is one that is more recent, taking place September 3rd at 1:43 am on East Jefferson and St. Aubin. 43 year old Janet Kendle went on a walk with her boyfriend. While walking down the street, they both notice a dark color jeep drive by. It just stood out to them because it felt weird, like something was about to happen. While returning from the store, someone from inside the jeep opened fire on them, hitting the woman in the head, and police found her wounded and she died at the hospital. She was described by her family as a sweet woman and was truly hurt that someone would kill her. 19 year old Devin Green was charged later in the month for the death of Janet Kendle.

Thank you so much for tuning into this case with us.

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