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Episode #9 - The Death Of Ashley Young

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Death Of Ashley Young Transcript

Hey True Crime lovers and lovettes. Welcome to the month of love. We wanted to do something special because I mean come on, it's the month of love. People ask us all the time how we distress after doing so much research on these cases and we're going to share some of those self care tips in the beginning of each episode this month. We can't have you guys thinking we're just robots out here and that some of the cases we cover don't keep us up at night, we need days that we can just focus on ourselves. And that leads me to my first self care tip of the month. Taking time off away from work. Planned time off is literally becoming my best friend and I've already planned 3 afternoons off for this month. Sometimes the weekend or whatever your off day is, isn't enough, planning days throughout the month can help you from feeling burned out and honestly gives you something to look forward to. Try scheduling a couple days away from work this month and see how it goes for you, never hurts to try!

This case took me longer than usual to finish, like cutting it close to the deadline kind of vibes. Most of my research came from watching hours and hours of the trial, since I really didn't know where to start my research on this. When I wasn't watching the trial, I was looking up articles trying to get as much information as possible for you all. I wasn't even able to find a podcast that talked about this before, so I felt like I really had to bring my A game on this and I can't mess it up.

Now with that being said, let's get into our episode. Often in the true crime world, we focus on the killer more than the victims and I admit I have done this a few times myself. I felt like it was my duty to make sure I really emphasized on how amazing Ashley Young was and how she was a sunshine to everyone in her life. I feel like it's my duty because Jared Chance did everything he could to strip her of her identity. Ashley's mom Kristine was told that she couldn't have kids, so when she became pregnant with Ashley she felt like this was the biggest blessing of all. Her little angel. Ashley was described as a ray of sunshine and just a positive force in people’s lives. She would hide little notes for her friends and I read that her favorite saying was "if I brought you a smile, would you wear it?" She was just simply an amazing person. She brought a smile to anyone that crossed her path and had a beautiful outlook on life. At the age of 31, Ashley lived in Kalamazoo and and worked at a call center for a bank and was attending a local community college at the time. Ashley literally saw the best in everyone, even when they didn't see the best in themselves...including Jared.

Ashley Young

Ashley was suppose to be signing a lease to her new place and her mom Kristine Young was going to cosign for it. When Ashley didn't show up, her mom grew worried. Especially when she couldn't get in contact with her. Ashley and Kristine had a relationship so close that they talked to each other just about everyday. Being the great mother she is, she jumps straight into FBI mode. She calls Ashley's friends to see if they’ve heard from her and eventually she finds out that Ashley had gone to visit Jared Chance last on November 29, 2018.

Kristine contacts Jared through Facebook with the following message, "Hello Jared. My name is Kristine Young. I am looking for my daughter. She was last with you. Is she with you? She needs to contact me. Tell her I am going to contact the police to do a missing person."

Ashley and Kristine Young (Mom and Daughter)

Jared then responds back to Kristine that Ashley had left her phone at Mulligan's and that she was going to pick it up when she was on her way to her mom. Jared then began to pretty much play mind games with Kristine, giving her hope that her daughter would eventually show up when he really knew where Ashley was. He told her things like, "Don't worry, I just talked to Ashley she's fine." He even tried to drag his friend Demetrius into it and said that Ashley was actually with him and gave Kristine his friend's number. Jared then got pissed when his friend didn't want to go along with the lie and told him to delete all the messages that they had just exchanged and that he messed him over. Jared even told Kristine that they had went back to Mulligan's Thursday night when security cameras actually caught him buying suspicious products at Ms. Tracey's, a liquor store. At one point Jared told Kristine that he would never do anything to harm Ashley and that she was safe. With Jared taking her on a wild goose chase, Kristine does the right thing and files a missing person report, because who got time to sit here and play these games when she's trying to find out where her child is and if she is safe.

Ashley Young

So I'm going to rewind this story back just a little to days before Ashley went missing. Mario Nelson, who is Jared’s neighbor had a little smoke session with Jared. And trust me, it's definitely relevant to the case. During the session, Mario said that Jared had been drinking and you can tell he was buzzed. He told Mario that his dad was in the Irish mob and that he knew how to clean up a body if needed. He kept going on and on about how much of a bad boy he was. Jared also didn't really care for Mario's girlfriend and told Mario that he would have much more money if he was single and that he should just get rid of her to enjoy life. He also emphasized that he knew how to get rid of someone as well. Jared also had a gun on the table sitting between him and Mario and frequently touched the gun throughout the conversation. This made Mario really uncomfortable.

Jared Chance in Court

Days later, Jared knocks on Mario's door and asks for help with Ashley's car. He said that she had locked the keys in her car and that he needed help opening the door. Jared suggested that Mario climb through the trunk and open the back door because he was smaller and would fit. Mario ended up opening the door and went back inside without seeing what Jared did next with the car. While on the stand, you can tell that Mario regretted doing that because he didn't know what he was aiding in.

Mario Nelson (Jared's neighbor)

December 2nd comes along and Mario along with his girlfriend notice this really foul smell coming from the basement. He had last seen Jared the day before. So Mario went into the basement but it was too dark, so he went back up the stairs to open the door to let some light in. On his way back down, he sees a tarp big enough to cover a car on the floor, a string of blood coming from it. He runs upstairs immediately and tells his girlfriend to call the police. He also mentioned in the 911 call that the last time he talked to Jared, he stated that someone was looking for him and if asked to tell that he hadn't seen him. The girlfriend noted that the washer and dryer was blocking the door and that wasn't normal. Also the building seemed to have like a sewer smell to it but on Friday it had turned more into like a burning smell.

Sergeant Greg was called to the house to check on something suspicious and he really didn't know what to expect. As soon as he hit the basement, he was hit with the smell of decomposition and death. Once he had seen skin uncovered from the tarp, he cleared the scene and blocked the basement off. When the Crime Scene tech arrived she made more discoveries. She found .22 caliber gun cartridges on top of the furnace. There was also a Saw blade found with blood on it. A bag of garbage was found and inside of it were latex gloves, another saw blade, plastic wrap roll and box with blood on it, paper towel with blood on it, and pants with blood on the front.

The building was cleared downstairs when the arrest was made. Police called out to Jared from the bottom of the stairs but there was no answer. They then used an air horn to get him out. Police then noticed a pair of women's black boots on the landing of the stairs. He came to the door looking as if he was awakened from a nap. He didn't put up a fight, he just simply complied with police.

The evidence for this case was at an abundance. There was a black garbage bag on the stair landing and inside the bag were limbs. Arms with no hands and legs with no feet. The feet, hands, and head were never found. The was a purple tote and inside was more plastic wrap, prescription bottles, shoes, and shower curtain rings. There were also three blood stains on the South landing hall walls. There was also a fan box on the landing and inside of that were black trash bags, duct tape, a wet green blanket with blood on it, fitted sheets with blood on it, a pair of women's jeans, panties, and a black shirt with blood on it.

In the kitchen of Jared's home, the floor was clean except for this discoloration spot in the middle of the floor which was positive for blood. Dishes piled in the sink with the ajax powder dumped over them all. Empty alcohol containers filled the counter space. Then in the bathroom, there was toilet paper with blood on it balled up in the toilet. The toilet actually wasn't even working which drew their attention to it and police found a knife stuffed in it. Pants with blood on them were found on the floor as well. All this stuff just lying around like he didn't just commit this heinous crime.

Box where Ashley's Limbs were found on the stairwell Of Jared's home

He was also seen on cameras buying items such as garbage bags and ammonia and there were receipts on file at the trial confirming these purchases. Jared also disposed of some things in the dumpsters at Tracey's. Police found a black and white bag stuffed into an orange bag. Inside the bag were a pair of jeans with blood on the left knee, blue latex gloves, and a purse/makeup bag. Inside the purse was Ashley's driver's license and her school ID, along with 7 over the counter prescription bottles with her name on them. The evidence was just so much that it's sick that Jared thought he could stand a chance at a trail.

Jared's parents also were charged with accessory to murder. They picked up Jared and drove him back to Holland where they lived. With Jared, he had a box of body parts, a saw, and cleaning products that he and his brother Konrad loaded into the car. Once at the home in Holland, Jared took one of the boxes and threw whatever the box contained into the fire pit. Jared's brother Konrad testified that Jared had confessed to him what he had done to Ashley and that next morning at the dining table he confessed to his parents as well. His father James, who wasn't really in the Irish mob and was a retired police officer said that he took Jared to the Grand Rapids police but they just didn't arrest him. There were also items with Ashley's blood on it found at the home in Holland.

Jared Chance Parents'

Jared was offered a plea deal of 31 years if he just told Ashley's family where the remainder of her body was and do you know he turned it down and wanted to take it to trial. He ended up with a pretty crappy lawyer but then again Jared never stood a chance. Over 200 pieces of evidence was shown and anyone involved in this case was brought to the stand. Including the bartender who served Ashley and Jared at Mulligans her last night alive. It was intense. The judge made a comment towards the end that it seemed as if Jared got some kind of enjoyment of hearing the testimonies, as if he was reliving this all over again in his head. The jury took 3 hours deliberating before coming to a decision. After a 5 day trial, he was sentenced to 100 - 200 years in prison exceeding the sentencing guidelines. The judge said that this crime was just too heinous, he lacked remorse, and all the lying he did to Kristine was just plain wrong and disgusting. Leading this mom to believe that she was going to see her daughter again when he knew what he did to her, when he did it to her, and how. The judge wanted to make sure that Jared was not eligible until he was 130.

Kristine Young is still looking for closure and she deserves it. If anyone has any information on the where the remainder of Ashley Young is, please contact the Silent Observer which is an anonymous tip line. The number is 616-774-2345. No one deserves to go through anything like this, all she has remaining of her daughter who was so full of life is a box containing her ashes. We hope that one day she is given that closure.

Ashley Young's Support System

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