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Episode #15- Mitchelle Blair

Episode #15- Mitchelle Blair

Before the pandemic, we had one of our listeners request that we do the case of Mitchelle Blair, the woman who killed her two kids and placed their bodies in the freezer. It was my turn to do the listener's choice, so I started my research on this tragic case. I'll admit, I had to take a lot of breaks working on this case and I also let the notes sit in my binder, avoiding taking the next step to turn it into the transcript for the show. But today, all of that aside, the transcript is complete and we're going to dive into what really happened.

Let's go back to March 24, 2015. Authorities go to Mitchelle Blair's home on the 800 block of St. Aubin to serve her with eviction papers, but she isn't there. Her family mentioned that she always asked for money and could never keep a job long. They started to tell her no when she asked and instead told her to get a job or go back to school. Even though Mitchelle isn't there, the 36th District crew starts to empty the house. They make their way into the home, and in the living room is a deep freezer. The crew opens the freezer and inside they find the unexpected. There's a body in the freezer, a teenage girl's body to be exact. The crew instantly call the police, and once the police arrive, they realize they are in for another shock. Because not only is there a teenage girl's body in this deep freezer, but there is also a little boy's body inside as well.

Police are now on the hunt for Mitchelle Blair and question the neighbors on her whereabouts. A simple eviction has now turned into the crime scene of a murder. Police questions her neighbor and the neighbor tells police without trouble, where to find Mitchelle. She is at another neighbor's house babysitting with her 2 surviving children who are 17 and 8 at the time, but the thing is, Mitchelle has 4 kids in total and two of them are missing. When arrested, all she said was, "I'm sorry" as police put her into the back of their car. As this was happening, the two bodies found were taken to the morgue for an autopsy. It took 3 days for the bodies to even thaw out for them to even begin, but once they were able to work on the bodies, they discovered that these bodies had been frozen for years and that they were definitely dealing with a homicide.

At the Wayne County Courthouse, Mitchelle tells Judge Dana Hathaway that she killed her demons (referring to her two children) after finding out that they were raping her youngest son. This claim was never proven that her two kids did this to their youngest brother. She starts the story of what happened back in August of 2012, she came home to find her youngest son playing with dolls sexually. When she asks her son, who did this to him and where did he learn this, he says his 8 year old brother Steven did it to him. When she confronted Steven about it, she says that he confessed to doing these sexual acts on his brother. She then starts to kick and punch Steven, then puts a garbage bag over his head until he is unconscious. She said she suffocated him with the bag because when he would rape her youngest son, Steven would push his brother's head into the plastic on the bed... for the next two weeks Mitchelle punishes him to the cruelest and harshest intent.

Mitchelle would punch Steven in the chest as she asked him questions about what he did to his brother. She claims that Steven told her that he would pee on his little brother every morning. She says that this explained why her youngest would wake up wet and she would think that he was peeing in the bed and he would get in trouble for it. She also claimed that Steven would ejaculate on his brother's eyes and hump him without underwear on. She threw burning hot water on his private area until the skin peeled. She even put a belt around his neck and would choke him until he passed out. She wanted to hurt him, not kill him, she claims. She said that once her youngest son complained about a stomach ache, and she found out it was from Steven making him drink Windex, so she made Steven drink it as well.

On August 30, 2012 Mitchelle kind of had a feeling that after all the torture that he had endured, he wasn't going to make it much longer. She said that morning she found him in bed with throwup in front of him, he had to use the bathroom and was too physically weak to go. She held him in her arms as she took him to the bathroom, his breathing was very faint. She said that she stopped the abuse the prior day because he was starting to look really bad. He died that day and Mitchelle wrapped his body in bed linen and placed him in the freezer. When the autopsy came back, it said that Steven died due to multiple blunt trauma and thermal injuries. She wanted to turn herself into the police but she claimed her youngest son begged her not to because he didn't want to lose her. She says that she's glad she didn't because she wouldn't have found out what she found out 9 months later.

9 months later, Mitchelle finds out that her 13 year old daughter Stoni was also sexually abusing her youngest son and Steven. She claimed that Stoni would beat Steven to keep quiet about the abuse. Mitchelle fully intended to kill Stoni when she found this out. She expressed that she always told her kids how bad rape was because she was a victim of sexual abuse herself. So finding out her daughter was abusing both of her brothers, she had full intentions of killing Stoni and even said in court that she would do it all over again. Mitchelle held Stoni in the bathtub with her youngest son beside her and beat her in the head with a stick as hot water hit her body. She made her youngest son tell her everything that Stoni did to him while she continued the abuse.

The things she said Stoni did were out of this world. She claimed her son told her that Stoni and Steven would do "nasty stuff" to each other and then to him. Also that Stoni would squeeze the blood from her tampon into the youngest brother's mouth and would sit on the little boy's face. When Mitchelle asked her daughter why she would do something like this, Stoni told her in response that she hates all her siblings. This sent her into another rage and she began to attack Stoni again and also started the torture she endured before her death. Although Mitchelle claimed she never starved her children, she admits to starving Stoni, feeding her oatmeal and vegetables once a day. On May 25, 2012, Stoni died from a plastic bag over her head. Her 17 year old sister was forced to put her body in the freezer...on top of her little brothers.

Mitchelle said she felt no remorse when she died and would kill again if she could. She never called the police about any of the allegations she claimed her kids did. She just decided she was going to pass the judgement on her own. She did call the police once with hypothetical questions about if her kids would be taken from the home if one of her kids were sexually abusing them. And with that, Mitchelle moved on with her life while her secrets sat in her living room for 3 years in the deep freezer. When the family asked about the kids, she always had an excuse on where they were. She pulled the kids out of school because she said she was going to homeschool them, so it's not like the school system would suspect anything.

Mitchelle's neighbor, 28 year old Jessica Porter, says that she only knew the 17 and 8 year old personally. She says that she met Stoni through the window once but never saw Steven. She claimed that Mitchelle loved her kids and wouldn't harm them. But the evidence says something different. When KidsTalk did an interview with the surviving children, we were able to see more of Mitchelle's true colors. The 8 year old had a total of 25 scars and injuries that were old and new. There were loop shape scars on his butt and back that looked like it was from an extension cord. The 17 year old daughter had a visible cut above her left eye from being struck with a 2x4. She also had a broken tooth from being hit with a curling iron. There was even a CPS case open back in 2005 concerning abuse and neglect but Mitchelle retained her kids. And to make it even worse, she was still claiming $771 in government assistance for all 4 of her kids. It breaks my heart hearing the monstrous thing that happened to these kids.

Now the million dollar question everyone was asking when this happened, "Where are these kids' fathers?" And I have the answer for that as well. Stoni and the 17 year old had the same father. He is 35 year old Alexander J. Dorsey. Alexander lived with Mitchelle several years before the birth of their 17 year old. He says that Mitchelle banned him from seeing his daughters and that she was fine at the last visit she had with him...2 years before her death. He last visited his surviving daughter 8 months prior and he couldn't tell anything was wrong at home. He also owed $39,000 in child support for his kids. Whenever he questioned Mitchelle on where Stoni was, she would say she was with an aunt or neighbor, and that didn't ring bells in his head at all. He found out about the death of his daughter only when a news reporter called him for questioning. When asked about the situation he stated, "I thought she'd do it to herself, not my baby"

The father of the two youngest boys is 31 year old Steven Berry. He lived with Mitchelle on and off for 3 years and while living with her, he said he often had to tell her to calm down when yelling and hitting the kids. He served at least 2 years in federal prison for 2 felony arm convictions and owed over $11,000 in child support. When he got out of prison, he said he tried to come by the house to visit but when he knocked there was no answer but he did hear noises coming from inside the house. He tried coming back to the house several times from July 2012 to November 2014.

Both fathers were scheduled to appear in court, Alexander and his family attended court. He admitted to having problems with drinking in the past but ever since this tragedy took place, he's been drinking half a pint each day. He also let it be known that he was unemployed, living with his mother and uncle receiving benefits. When observed with his 17 year old daughter during visitations, it took them a while to warm up to each other but by the end they were talking and holding hands. Even after the supervised visit, when his lawyer argued to let him have an unsupervised visit with his daughter, it was denied.

Mitchelle had some words for Alexander and his family during the trial though. She said,'' You all were never there for them, how many birthdays did you miss? His ex girlfriend did more for them than any of you." She also goes on to say, "You want to put on a show for the news now. They were raping my kids, period. Raping my blank word kids. You're pathetic and a drunk, tell the truth about that." When she referred to the ex girlfriend, the ex was the one who actually set up a go fund me for the kids funeral.

Steven Berry did not attend the hearing but showed up minutes after it was over. When he did his supervised visit with his 8 year old son, it was awkward at first, he just followed the little boy around while he played. He gave little interaction during the visit.

Mitchelle's bond was set at $1 million. Watching the court videos on this case, this wasn't like any case I've seen before. She would say things like, "They had no remorse for my son. There was no other option. There's no excuse for rape. I would kill them again." Statements like these were the norm during her trial. She didn't refer to Stoni and Steven as demons. She even had an outburst at another inmate when he was leaving out after a case dealing with sexual abuse. She seemed to be such a concerned person then but you killed your own kids and not only did you kill your kids, you made them suffer for days on end. I really felt like she should have kept her mouth closed because, you have committed the worst crime there is and being a mother, your number one priority is to always keep your kids safe and Mitchelle you failed horribly at this. Remember when you point one finger, you always have three pointing back at you.

Judge Hathaway had some words for her during sentencing, she told her, "The greatest tragedy was that you took away your children's chance at a better life. They lived in fear of you and I find that so sad in this case. After all I say and done, you imposed the death penalty on your own children." and Mitchelle simply replied, "I did." With all of these allegations she made trying to justify why she did what she did, the claims were never proven to be true.

She was charged with two counts of premeditated murder and is now serving a life sentence at Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Ypsilanti. Her parental rights were also terminated as well.

But do you think that was the last of Mitchelle Blair? I think not. Since she's been in prison, she has had over 50 misconducts. She was sentenced an additional 5 years for assaulting an officer, her response to that was, "If the officer would have never provoked me, it wouldn't have happened. In May of 2018, she repeatedly kicked an officer for intervening in an altercation she was in. July 2018, she threw a pringle can full of poop and urine at an officer. Those are just a few of the things she did.

But on a brighter note, because I hate ending bad and I also hate giving this woman any more attention than she deserves. Last time we were able to get an update on the kids, it was reported that they are in school and they are doing very well and their guardian wanted to keep them out of media attention so that they can have a sense of a normal life and a fresh start. By the time this episode airs, I believe the 17 year old would definitely done with high school and maybe the youngest son is starting high school or on his way. I wish these two the absolute best. Being a victim of something so tragic myself at a young age, I can testify that yes it's hard but no matter what you came from and went through, that situation doesn't define you. You don't have to let your past be a crutch, you use it for motivation to keep living life and to never give up.

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